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Last deviation submitted April 22nd

...oh dear.

It seems like I have been rather dead in terms of art, haven't I?

Well, here I am. Here to talk to you once more, about the many, many things that have happened since I began my hiatus, along with a few other interesting things for you to look at. It's a long one, but you haven't had anything from me in months, so I'm sure you can manage =p

The first thing was me finishing my exams, waaaaaaaaaaay back at the end of June. Turns out that the effort (lol) I put in was worth it though, and I managed to get pretty damn good marks, if I do say so myself. Five As and 3 Bs, giving me a total of 560 points out of a possible 600. Plus, since I did honours maths, I got an extra 25. For all you non-Irish people, how many points you get is one of the biggest factors in determining whether you get the third-level course you want. My course, Computer Science with Linguistics and French, was 490 points, so I got that nicely :D If you're wondering over the bizarre combination of subjects... well, I don't know. I like computers, and I'm decent at French, so I thought I may as well =p Anyhoo, I'm now a college student, so huzzah for that. I start on the 17th, so I'm looking forward to that.

Plus, my little brother still has seven more years of school to go, which is great for me, since I can tease him mercilessly about it. :D

About a week after finishing my last exam, I went on a little trip to a small family resort in Spain with a few friends. Or, more correctly, me and almost 50 guys and gals headed to Santa Ponca in Mallorca and drank ourselves silly for a week. Lots happened there, most of which will never find its way online (hopefully), but I can tell you that I woke up in a bath one morning. That was fun. I somehow managed to get home without getting arrested or hospitalised, and back here, the fun only continued.

Now, see, Pinkie Pie likes to party, right? Right. She likes to party hard. Here in Ireland, we like to do the same. Except with alcohol. Any excuse will do really. You're going away? You're coming home? It's your birthday? You stubbed your toe? It's a Wednesday? Let's go drink. So, suffice to say, I've stayed fairly sober for most of the summer =p In actual fact, I don't drink that often, mostly due to alcohol not being cheap, and I'm fine with that. I like a cider or whiskey as much as the next guy, but to be honest, I'd enjoy a cream soda just as much, if not more.

Anyway! That's enough of that. What else has happened recently?

Well, my comic, Badumtshh! by davrockist got featured on EqD. So that was something :O

As pretty much a direct result, it now has nearly 36,000 views, over 1,000 favourites, and close to 200 comments.

Which is insane.

In addition, I broke 100 watchers! :w00t!: Currently on 129, after a year here on dA, which makes me feel kinda extra bad, since it's been so long since I arted.

And I think I should just take a moment here to actually explain that bit.

Y'see, after finishing my exams, I needed to get a laptop. My old, crappy PC wouldn't cut it for a CompSci college course. So, I went out and bought myself this lovely Acer, which I'm currently typing on. Unfortunately, all my art stuff was on that same old, crappy PC. By the time I unearthed it from where it had been buried during the exams, I discovered to my unhappiness that it barely ran any more. In fact, it takes a solid five minutes to turn on, and trying to boot any art program is just a nightmare. I managed to open it once, and it more or less crashed the computer after a few minutes.
So, because I refuse to pirate any software on my laptop, I can't access my old art files or programs. Sadface.
I have, however, recently remembered the GIMP. It's a free art program that's actually pretty decent. It was what I used to make my first, pre-pony pictures. Ah, nostalgia...
Anyway, the issue is that it doesn't have many of the features I've grown accustomed to when arting. Trying to get used to this program again isn't fun, and to be perfectly honest, especially since I lack a tablet, it takes much more effort than I'd like to make pictures, so I just haven't made the time for it. I'm not going to promise here and now that you'll see a return to art from me, but maybe I might try to make the odd picture now and then. They'll be different, since I have to do things more by mouse now, rather than using the old tools to do things nice and smoothly for me, but hopefully they'll still be good :)

But! And it's a big butt (sorry)! I have been active in other forms.

A couple of weeks ago, I finally bought myself the Producer edition of FL studio, having languished with the demo version for months. If you follow me on Soundcloud,… , you'll have seen me put out a number of musical farts. If you, for some reason, enjoy the whiff of those farts, I'd recommend checking out my YouTube account,… , which is where I will be putting all the things I am happy with. Which is to say, where I'll put the high quality tracks and the better mixes, rather than the crap on Soundcloud.

Also, in most recent news, I've been writing! Somehow, my story, I Miss You… , managed to get featured, and has gotten quite a lot of attention. Check my blogs on that site for a Dramatic Reading of the story, and a rap (No, I don't know why either. But it's good) based on it. So, yeah! Check that out if you haven't already, and leave a comment, because I looooove comments :D
Be warned though: I think just about the majority of the 250 comments it has already are variations of "I cried". :cry:

Oh, and I have two more watchers on there than here, over half of whom came within the last week, so go figure.

Following on from that fanficcery, I want to quickly share a few others with you :)

Like Music… by ImJustAnotherBrony. Those of you who have been following me for a while are probably sick of seeing him in my Journals, but he's a great writer (and artist Commission: Falling by Jabbie64 ), and also a great friend. He started writing this story as a request from me to write an OctaScratch, but it's since grown into something that I think has a really original take on those fandom favourites, and it has a lot of potential to be a really cool story. It's four chapters in already, and going strong. If you clicked the link to my YouTube earlier, you'll see that the only song currently uploaded there is an accompaniment to the third chapter of this story.
If shipping isn't your thing, but sad and quality is, here's Saying Goodbye… by the same author. Coming soon to an Equestria Daily near you (approved earlier today)! I won't go on about this one, I'll just let it speak for itself.

Upheaval: Breaking Point… by Visiden Visidane. I watched this update so regularly on EqD, that I eventually had to just check it out. To my surprise, I didn't hate it, considering that there's another alicorn and a whole bunch of powerful OC characters. In fact, I rather enjoyed it. One thing I found slightly annoying was the author's regular mixing up of future and conditional tense (will/would etc.), but it was still readable. It has a sequel that is also quite long, but I'm waiting for it to complete before I read it.

Long Distance… by Ezn. I've shared this before, but it completed recently, so I'm promotin' it again. Yes, it's an OC story, but they're entertaining and believable characters. The author is one of the most technically skilled writers I've had the pleasure of communicating with, so you don't have to worry about regular typos or grammar issues. And don't worry, that doesn't mean it's lifeless—quite the opposite, in fact. Go read!

A Bluebird's Song… by Ardensfax. I saw this a while ago when Fimfiction began using the new system for the feature box, whereby old fics can get featured when they update if they're popular. It wasn't complete at the time, but I kept an eye on it, and when it was finally finished, I read it, and liked it. Now, it's not the best TwiDash I've ever read, but it was certainly an enjoyable bit of drama. I don't think it's really a spoiler to say that a lot of action happens quite early on, and you're left expecting some other exciting thing to happen for quite a while of the story, but every time you think it's going to occur, it doesn't. Surprisingly, that didn't disappoint me, and instead it just made me more apprehensive of the big event, in a good way. Mostly well written, although with some typos and minor grammar issues, and the irritating insistence on writing "thankyou" as one word...

Seeing Double… by Twilightclopple. Oooh hiss! A mature MLP fic! That's disgusting and you should feel bad! Get over yourself. There's plenty of them around. This is funny, and one of the very, very few human fics I've read and enjoyed. Stay away if you're an internet virgin, but otherwise, go have a laugh at this well-written piece of interdimensional weird-ass fun.

And I Shall Name Them "Cuppins"… by Bob From Bottles. This is actually an older one (I don't think I've featured it before), but it actually disappoints me how little attention it's gotten, especially since it got an EqD post. I am what could be described as a fan of fourth-wall-breaking jokes, if they're done well, and this story pretty much is one of those. Most of you who watch me (if you've read this far, hello, and bro-hoof to you) presumably have done so due to Badumtshh!, so you probably like that kind of joke too. Give it a try, and if you like, tell 'em Silver Cloud sent ya =p

Okay, I also want to just give a shout out to a very cool guy who you've seen before if you've been watching for a while. Xaphriel is an awesome person who does great work. He made the below things custom for me :D Go check him out and commission him! He's also doing me a personal favour for which I'm very grateful :meow:

Almost lastly! I want you to all go give spittfireart a watch if you aren't already following her. She's an incredible artist, and up there in my top five pony artists on this site. If you have a tumblr, go follow all her blogs. She has at least forty. Or maybe it's four. Regardless! Her modblog is on her dA page, and you should be able to find the others from there.

Speaking of tumblr, I got myself one. I don't expect to use it very much, unless you lot give me a reason to. So, ask me things, and you will get answers. Don't, and you won't. Deal?
Oh, and have this post because I just saw it and free-running (not to be confused with parkour) + Assassin's Creed cosplay = epic…

Actually lastly: so! Season 3 is coming up soon. I won't mention anything here in case you're avoiding the spoilers, but have you got any predictions, or things you want to see? Post down in the comments and lets have a chat :D

Oh, and thanks for watching ;)
Or rather, to steal a quote, you with the lack of ponies.

Are you interested in having your very own custom blindbag pony? Have you always wanted that one background pony who Hasbro have thus far refused to make? Did you eat chili for dinner?

If you answered affirmatively to at least two of those questions, then I have a solution for you! My very good friend Xaphriel just so happens to make aforementioned custom blindbag ponies, and has just opened commissions for them :D
Now, let me assure you of two things: firstly that these are not simple repaints of existing models. This dude has spilt blood (literally) carving and moulding the correct mane and tail styles for particular ponies. The guy has freaking dental tools. So yeah, pretty damn accurate customs. The second thing is that he is not charging the ridiculous prices he quite easily could for these things. I'm sure if you follow any of the sites like Equestria Daily, or even if you don't, you will have seen similar and lower quality customs selling for upwards of $50. Well, these are... quite a lot lower than that. I'll let him explain his prices himself here –>…
If any of you are wondering what the strange currency is that he's using, it's called a "euro". We have those here :) I'm sure you can find a currency converter if you're interested.
I myself have commissioned a Spitfire from him (WHICH I AM EXCITED ABOUT CANTERLOCK), but if you have any doubts as to his quality, just check out his gallery. He doesn't have every single one he's made uploaded, but believe me when I say this guy has made a Littlepip (from Fallout: Equestria), and it is brilliant. Have a Colgate he made:
Colgate Custom Blind Bag by Xaphriel

Now, you may also be in the market for some more animated ponies. Well, you're in luck!
BlooRoo is also taking commissions, of the more "on your screen" sort. She's doing not only animated ponies (or zebras/wolves/cats/whatever), but stills as well. So if you're looking for that one particular animal (presumably a pony if you're watching me) then go give her journal a look too, here –>
Oh, and she's also making custom keyrings too, so you've loads of options! :w00t!:
You can see samples of all her commissionable thingumajiggers in her journal, so go see.

...oh, okay. She made this:
Spinning Zebra by BlooRoo

Oh, and as for me...

Well, I'll be putting out a journal explaining how things are going... iiiiiin just over a week. Sorry guys.
On the plus side, I'm not dead!

See you soon :D
Wanted to let you guys know what's happening at the moment :)

First and foremost, I graduated yesterday :w00t!:
The last fourteen years of my life are finally over :D it was a little sad, but mostly pretty good, and an enjoyable affair in all. And of course afterwards we all went and got hammered :XD:
The hangover this morning was not fun, let me tell you...

Now all I have left is my state exams :/
My last exam, Music, is on the 21st of June. So exactly one month from today I will be a free man.
And that means a return to art – yeah woo wahoo yay etc. I'm sure you're all very excited to see that.

Also! A note to anyone I accepted requests et al from: I have pencil sketches done of them all, so don't go thinking I forgot. I got rid of my PC from my room to try help with the study though, so I can't colour them till I get that back at the end of next month.

I have, however, been working away on some musical things. I got a chance to play around with FL studio a couple times recently, so you can check out the WIP results of that on my Soundcloud.… I've also been writing a few more acoustic songs, so expect to hear me warble at you some more in the near future.
Speaking of that, I'm thinking of doing one of two things to improve my singing voice: using a pitch corrector when I can afford one, or getting someone else to sing instead of me. Both solutions have their pros and cons, but I mean, who wants to hear my real voice? :lmao:
Anyhoo, got any opinions on that? Let me know!

One other thing I'd like to just put here is that my good friend Jabbie64 is currently taking fanfic commissions to raise a bit of cash. If you're interested, there's more info here where you can see he has very reasonable prices for what he's offering (up to 50,000 words!). All prices are negotiable too, so jump on that :)

Now, I have study to do, and fanfiction to go write.

See you all soon.
Note: I half-assed this.

Da Rules

1) You must post these rules.

2) Each pony must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.

3) Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create ten new questions for the ponies you tag to answer.

4) You have to choose 10 ponies to tag and post their icons on your journal.

5) Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.

6) No tag backs.

7) No crap in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this." You legitimately have to tag 10 ponies.

8) Have fun & be truthful when answering c: !


10 Things about me

1) I once had a tooth removed from the middle of the roof of my mouth.

2) I doodle ponies on everything. Even homework.

3) I have a rather large ego, that needs a lot of attention.

4) I once had a girlfriend who was born on the 29th of February.

5) The first instrument I owned (that I can remember) was a harmonica, when I was six.

6) I freaking love jelly beans.

7) I have some chocolate right now.

8) I had a dream this morning about being on the wrong bus (a green one) that went to a bad part of town, and all my stuff got stolen :/

9) If I got to have any one super power, I'd want to be able to fly.

10) I've been a brony since sometime in June 2011 (holyshit nearly a year!), and I've never really been able to decide on my favourite pony...


1. What is your favorite video game? Probably Ratchet & Clank, since I'm not a gamer, and haven't been for about five years =p

2. Do you like Adventure time? Still haven't got around to watching that – although I did like that one remix of that one song from that one episode...

3. Who is your patron troll? Equius, apparently. Sounds like some sort of horse, so I guess that's cool. EDIT: just read a little bit up on this thing. I lol'd.

4. Do you like tomatoes? In small doses, yes.

5. Would you take Zydrate? Prrrrrrrobably. Not.

6. What is your favorite food? Urm... Jelly beans? I dunno... Oh, I really like biscuits – like Digestives and Hob Nobs. Mmmm... Hob Nobs... *licks lips*

7. When do you usually go to bed? Generally between midnight and 4am.

8. Who is your least favorite musical artist? I... really don't know. I tend not to pay attention to artists who annoy me.

9. What is your favorite crayon color? The orangest one.

10. Would you fuck me for blow?…


1. Who's your favourite brony artist?

2. Best TV show of your youth?

3. What fetishes do you have, if any?

4. Parlez-vous le français ?

5. Best Monty Python sketch/movie?

6. Who is the most influential/inspirational (to you) person you've spoken with online?

7. Does this annoy you.

8. Are you using Ponyhoof for Facebook? If yes, which character?

9. What colour are the walls in the room you're in?

10. How are you today?


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EDIT: You all have my sincerest apologies for the quality of the writing in this journal. I was tired...

Here I am! Did you guys miss me? (inb4 "no")

Has it really been a week already since the Season 2 finale? Madness...
Well, since it's been two weeks since I last did a Journal, I've got a lot to drop on you, so put on your reading hats.

Let's start with what I normally leave to the end: dem episodes.
They were seriously two of the best things that have come out of Hasbro, ever. I won't go into too much detail, just that it was all the awesome. There were a couple of things in it that were a bit odd, or I didn't really feel were right, but they are so insignificant when held up against the rest of the finale, they don't even bear mentioning.

Words cannot properly describe how much I like Chrysalis' design; she's just way too cool. That said, are we still supposed to believe that My Little Pony is a kids' show? Those Changelings were bucking creepy.... I saw a macro during the week that pretty much summed things up: without bronies, Season 2 would have been drastically different. Just think of all the references we got. Would we ever have seen Derpy again? Would there have been quite as much effort put into the songs? Would we be getting a Vinyl Scratch toy at some point soon? Methinks not.

Speaking of the songs: how freaking amazing was this season? The finale on its own has three of my favourite songs of the year so far. And of course 'Smile Smile Smile'... Man, I love that song way too much.

So, I want to give my own thanks to all the staff and crew behind My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. They won't ever read this, but still, they did such an excellent job of not just coping with the sudden influx of strange popularity that they could never have expected, but adapting and actually thriving on it. The show is something that manages to balance the innocence of childhood with the humour of the immature youth and the brilliance of the experienced. It's simply amazing how influential it has become. It has changed so many lives, some incredibly radically, that it really makes me wonder what I would be doing with myself if I hadn't been bored enough last year to check an old forum that I hadn't visited in two years. If it hadn't been for that, I'd never have made a few new friends, never have found a reason to hang around online, and never have found this community. If I hadn't, I'd be a very different person today. Everyone has their own story of how the show has affected them, and I'm not going to bore you with mine here, but suffice to say, I'm very glad to be here.

Now, the Season may be over, but fear not! I won't be going anywhe-

Unfortunately, this is going to be the last proper Journal you'll see from me for a while. Yes, get your party streamers ready: Dave's going away for a while.
You've probably noticed me mentioning my exams pretty regularly in these things, so I won't start going into the details, other than that they're pretty damn consequential. If I don't do well in them, I won't get my college course, and I want that course. So to facilitate the fact that I do actually have to work for them, I will be going on "hiatus" for the next seven or eight weeks. I know, I know – I'm not exactly putting out content daily right now anyway, so you probably won't miss me, but I'll miss you. Now, I won't be disappearing completely. If you need/want to chat to me, you can find me on Facebook (same username as here), where I'll still hang around every so often, and I might poke my nose in here now and again. If something big comes up I might need to come back, but for the most part, I'll be effectively in an internet coma till the end of June.

So yeah...

Anyway, on with the news!
This week I did some of the prerequisite stuff for dem exams, and it all went pretty well. To the extent that I'm happy anyway. There seems to be a bit more of a pep in my step since they're done, although that may have something to do with the fact that I've started taking vitamin supplements every morning =p

Or it might be more to do with my graduating in a couple weeks :D The last fourteen years of my life are drawing to a close, and you know what? It's pretty awesome. Never again will I have to try to focus on remembering the insignificant details of eight different subjects that I have next to no interest in for the most part. So :w00t!: for finishing school forever!

Now, in this interim period where you won't have the joys of me to look forward to every now and again, I suspect more than a few of you will be quite lost; sheep without their egotistical shepherd. So to compensate for that, I will leave you a new song I wrote to play on constant repeat until I come back to show you the light of my presence.
Okay, well anyway have the song:…
It's actually the very first time I've tried to do anything of this sort, so it's not exactly quality. With practise, though, I will surely improve, and be able to bring you music you might actually want to listen to.
For those of you who don't like it, I do have a few other ideas in mind for acoustic songs which I will hold on to until I'm back.

Likewise, for any of you interested in my writing, chapter 3 of Something will happen. I may even try to post it during May if I get a chance. I've also been struck by no less than five other story ideas, many of which are crossovers I'll never write, but sound good in my head. There has been some talk, most of which has been serious, about a collab fic between myself and my good friend Jabbie64, so hopefully that will still be going ahead, even if I have no idea when it will happen.

Speaking of him, the final parts of his (rather infamous at this stage) story, The Scootaloo Diaries, is nearing completion. I shall be spending quite a lot of tomorrow editing I think. Just a word on that story: I'm aware many of you dislike that genre of story. You like your ponies wholesome and innocent. Well, that's fair enough, but I'd still recommend giving this a try. After the first few chapters, there's a lot less focus on the "bad" stuff, and a lot more on the story. It's grown into something different to how it started, and it has benefited a lot from that I think. I believe it's also rated as one of the more popular stories on fimfiction, so seriously – go try it.

Sticking with fanfics for a minute, I have been reading a lot of shipping recently, and some of it has been pretty disappointing. So here's a heartfelt request, from me to you guys: please please please, give me the best shipfics you know.
Preferably not clop, preferably complete. I don't really mind the pairing if it's a good story, although RainbowPie (or PinkieDash, whatever) is probably one of my favourites. Anyone who gives me a really good story that I enjoy, I will love you for just a bit longer than forever (possible exaggeration, but you get the picture). If you find me something amazing which I haven't heard of (and I've seen a lot), and it truly does entertain me, I'll give you a shoutout here. Not much, I know, but it's what I got :shrug:

On that note, I've received a few requests as of last time I brought them up, and I will be getting to them. Probably later rather than sooner, but it's better than never – right? I'm sorry if I'm too slow for your desires, but... well, actually I don't have any particularly good excuses, so I won't bother with any. Just know that I will do them eventually.

Following on from that, I have a few people I want to promote here for various reasons, so bear with me for a minute while I give them a shoutout. If you want to be awesome, you should go have a look at them all.
First, a good friend of mine, Xaphriel, is into the craft side of MLP art, and has agreed to make me a Spitfire cutie mark keyring (with very little prompting, might I add). Best of all, he's actually doing it as a freaking gift, despite the fact I said I'd pay him for it. I'll be drawing his OC, Hunter, at some point in return, since that's pretty much all I can do. But I'd like you guys to go look at his stuff – he does art and writes too. And who knows, maybe you could convince him to do commissions if you asked nicely enough (he won't thank me for saying that =p ).
Second, we have BlooRoo, the "Director of Deviants" over at BroniesofIrelandArt. She has some serious talent for someone of her age, and she can only get better. Now, the thing is, she's looking for commissions right now, and she's looking for them quick. Her turnaround on art is substantially faster than mine, so if you were wanting for that OC pony to be looking spiffy, go speak to Sophie.
Thirdly, another friend, COdenamehavoc, is looking to sell or trade his custom Luna toy, so if you're in the market for something like that, go hit him up. More details here:

And from that we move to the recommendations. I know you guys will miss me, so have lots of things to look at. Since joining a bunch of groups recently, my inbox has been literally flooded with deviations, and I've trawled through them all to find the best. Unfortunately, since I could not go a single day without over a thousand messages, I've had to unwatch most of those groups for the duration of my break, so sorry if any of feel offended by that for some peculiar reason...

:bulletred: Family Mares… Because Spitfire is awesome, and so is Rainbow Dash. This is a really fun, although still deep story, mostly about Scootaloo, and the author's characterisation is simply great. I love the way he does the SpitDash (which is only a small part of the story). It actually has two sequels and a sidestory attached to it, so you should read them too.
:bulletred: Excitable… You saw Vinyl at the Royal Wedding. But where did she pop up from? I lol'd a little, mostly because of how soon this appeared after last Saturday.
:bulletred: To Fix You… Somewhat sad at first, I read this initially mostly for its reference to Coldplay, but it's a pretty decent fic in its own right. Nothing overly spectacular, but a good read nonetheless. It also has a sequel which I've been meaning to catch up on.
:bulletred: Where Your Heart Is… Probably the best of the mass of RainbowPie stories I've read recently. It's not the best I've ever read, but I liked it for its story, which was nice and simple, and worked well.
:bulletred: Keeping Your Hooves On The Ground… Oh, I really liked this one. I kinda wish it had been a bit longer though. It's not the sort of story I'd normally read, but every so often it's good to try something outside of your comfort zone – you might be surprised. This is a very simple, cute little story about Rainbow Dash's fear of the ground. Trust me when I say it's better than it sounds.
:bulletred: Flying High, Falling Hard… I can't actually remember if I've featured this before, but here it is anyway. It's a bit of a wild ride, but the author has apparently rewritten a lot of the first few chapters, so it should be better than when I read it. It was pretty good then too, so I imagine it's rather enjoyable now.
:bulletred: Study Buddies… I really need to keep a list of what I have and haven't recommended before... Anyway, this is a pretty cool story that goes into the psyche of Fluttershy in a way I haven't seen too prevalently. It's a pretty popular and well-written one too (if you can get over the fact that it's in present tense), so go check it out.
:bulletyellow: Midnight in Canterlot Pretty! Go look!
:bulletyellow: Chrysalis So much fanart of her
:bulletyellow: Chrysalis Cadance with Rapunzel Style It's Cadance! Except human!
:bulletyellow: Rainy Day Aww – simpl, but effective.
:bulletyellow: Hugs Can Be Awkward Indeed they can... lol
:bulletyellow: Taste My bASS If you didn't see Epic Wub Time during the week, you missed out. Look it up on Youtube.
:bulletyellow: QUEEN CHEESELEGS You have to admit... that bit looked a bit silly.
:bulletyellow: Luna have done nothing productive all day Me for the next while basically all the time.

And that's it. No long farewell speech – I neither need nor deserve one. I'll see you guys soon, and I hope you don't miss me too much :)
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Sorry, I know how you guys eagerly await my weekly Journals lol, but I really just do not have the time to type out all the stuff I want to mention in it.

So, I'm going to take a leaf out of MLP's book and do a double length one next weekend. Yay?

Also, that finale... Still the best thing that's happened this week. Well, last week, but anyway. I've got the songs playing more or less back to back all the time ♪ ♫ :D

Also also, Princess Cadence is apparently actually called Princess Cadance. Who knew?

Also also also, anyone I owe arts to – don't worry, because I haven't forgotten. I'm just busy/lazy, and I will do them eventually :)
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Can't Journal tonight.

Season 2 Finale too amazing.

Will Journal tomorrow.
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No ponies this week, and after next week, a whole summer without them?
Not gonna be fun...

Well okay, it'll be my second summer, so I'll survive. Somehow.
It'll probably involve a lot of fanfiction, art and music.

Anyhoo, on with the journal.

In the main headlines tonight, I have a cold, which sucks. But, on the other hoof: brony meetup tomorrow which will be fun :D

I managed to get some decent study in this week as well, which was nice in a stress-relieving kind of way, but unfortunately it's back to the grindstone on Monday. I have my French oral exam on Wednesday, my Music practical on Friday, and my Irish oral the week after. And these are the real things, so I should really be prepping for them a bit more, but as usual, ponies take precedence. I'll have more news on exams, study et al. next week, so stay tuned if you give a damn.

In other news, I hope you all had a good Easter if you celebrate it :D If not, then maybe you had a good Bank Holiday? I dunno what you all have... Anyone get any good eggs or anything else? I got a Terry's chocolate orange, so I'm happy :w00t!:

Speaking of woot, I paid off the balance on my holiday, so yay for that! After-exam break in Spain, here I come! That ought to be some good, alcohol-fueled craic.

Okay, so what's been happening creative-wise? Well, I put out two new songs, one dedicated to Applejack… , and another which is my interpretation of Silver's Song as written in Jabbie64's fanfic, The Scootaloo Diaries…
Enjoy! Maybe! Leave comments whether you did or didn't, I love reading them :) I have some ideas for other songs, but they might have to be put on hold for a while. Oh, and possible collab coming up there - more info on that as it comes up.
Speaking of collabs: I'm looking into a fanfic collab with a regular feature in my journals. If you can't figure out who, you need to read more of my journals. It's really not too hard. Third chapter of Something hasn't had any progress lately, since I just have not been thinking about it at all :/ Too many other ideas going on in my head.
Art-wise, I'm determined to at least start a long-overdue picture tonight. I have it sketched out, so hopefully I can get a good chunk done, although I have some editing to do first (look out for the newest chapter of TSD soon).
You might have noticed the two non-pony pics I put up during the week. It's certainly been a long time since I did non-pony, but I got a tutorial magazine during the week, so I wanted to experiment a bit, and my internet was (literally) cut off one night by "vandals" who were trying to disrupt all the house alarms on my street, so I had the opportunity to play around a bit. Back to ponies now though.
Speaking of which, I've decided that I will do one free request for anyone who asks nicely, depending on what you ask for. If you want something simple like a heart-shaped pony, then excellent - I can have it done pretty quickly. If you ask for something a bit more involved (like actual ponies lol), it'll take longer since free time doesn't exist for me anymore. If I decide I can't do your request due to it being too complex for either my skill or my time constraints, I'll let you know. Note:I won't draw backgrounds or shading for these requests, just vectors or vector-style drawings, max 3 ponies. To request, just send me a note with the details and I'll see what I can do :) If I've already done something, for you but you want something else, feel free to ask again, but only if you got something to give in return ;)

Staying on the topic of art for a moment, this is what happened to me this morning:
> Wake up
> Go downstairs
> Turn on internet box, then go have breakfast
> Go upstairs
> Check Facebook, no notifications
> Check dA, over 550 messages
> Wait, what.

Basically, somebrony recommended submitting some of my arts to some groups last night, so I joined a couple and sent them a few pictures, and woah. I did not expect that. Seriously, the most messages I've ever at once had before was something like 80, and that was because someone I was watching spammed their gallery with photos... Not that I'm complaining. Hello to you new watchers if you're reading this :wave: Welcome to my weekly journal :D

For those of you following my progress through FO:E (I don't know why you would be, but hay), I can't recall what chapter I'm on, but I haven't read very much of it this week. I have about 200 pages left to go though. I want to finish it before the end of next week, but I'll have to see if I can afford to stay up late every night.

Lots of good things to recommend this week :D
:bulletred: White Box… Read the gDocs version if you can, it's linked in the story. I really loved this story, for its originality and its execution. It's very powerful and pretty deep. I can't really explain it too well, but go read!
:bulletred: Background Pony… I haven't had time to read this yet myself, but I've heard tell that it's stunning, and deeply moving.
:bulletred: Last Night of the Fireflies… Have I recommended this yet? I can't remember... Anyway, this was among the first few stories I really enjoyed on fimfic. It's very simple, but pretty well done. It's humanised ponies, but don't let that put you off this very nice story.
:bulletred: Home Grown… A short, pretty romance fic involving Applejack? Not normally my cup of cider, but give it a go. The author is one I rather like, and it's an enjoyable short story :)
:bulletyellow: Cheerilee lol It's Cheerilee lol. Done by UFOcookiez
:bulletyellow: Tales of Equestria - Radiance of Harmony What's not to like about this picture? Reikomuffin can draw all the ponies! Well. A lot of em.
:bulletyellow: Background Pony Fan Art Does exactly what it says on the tin. Not only is Jabbie64 a talented author, but just look at his art! Seriously, look.
:bulletyellow: ALL SHALL LOVE ME AND DESPAIR Did I hear a call for awesome? Cos NastyLady did.

I can't remember any of the other stuff I planned to say, and there's no episode to review this week (boo!), so I'll stop typing now.

:icondustbunny-studios: has a t-shirt design on Threadless right now, and if you vote for it (and tell her you voted) she'll draw you a free sketch. Isn't that nice of her?

It's a pretty cool design too, so go vote :)

The link to the journal's up top.

This is what she drew for me :D

EDIT: She coloured it :iconkermityayplz:

Silver Cloud by DustBunny-Studios
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I'm tired so I won't make this too long for once. Screw the regular format.

I've been getting considerably less study done than I should be, but that has shown benefits in other areas.
I've been editing all over the shop, and one of those fics is almost done, which is nice.
I've been playing with musical ideas and managed to get one song recorded… I also made a piano version, but for some reason everyone seems to prefer the guitar :shrug:
If you've been watching, you'll have noticed I uploaded an update of my OC Silver Cloud, which I'm happy with. I do plan on getting all those other arts done, but I'm just so tiiiiirrreedd all the time. It takes energy just to read.
Speaking of which, Fallout: Equestria is going well. I just finished Chapter 40, page 1670, and I'm loving it so far. Only a few manly tears yet, although I have a feeling that it's going to have a sad ending from the way it's been going up til now.
I wrote and released Chapter 2 of my fanfic Something. Can't remember if I posted it here before or not, but here it is anyway… The next chapter's when things will hopefully start to get interesting,
Pretty much no one responded to any of the things I talked about last time, so I don't feel there's any point mentioning them here.
Apart from the collab, I got one response about that, so hopefully that'll happen sooner rather than never.
CBA posting the artlist. Too tired and nobody cares.

Reccies: I got one for once. Haven't read it myself but have your four'n'four anyway.
Hmm. I just checked my profile on FIMfiction, and it estimates that I've read 2,030,633 words of fanfic. Taking into account the fact that I was reading a lot of fanfic before I even knew about the site (on dA and GDocs for example), I'd guess it's closer to 3 million. For example, FO:E and Past Sins aren't on that site, and they're both relatively big.
:bulletred: Flight of the Alicorn… Haven't read this yet, but it has Fancy Pants in it. I like Fancy Pants. Oh, and it looks to be a decent length too, and reasonably well liked.
:bulletred: The Party Hasn't Ended… I loved this one. A very heart-warming (with sad bits) RainbowPie story that's gained a healthy amount of popularity in the fandom.
:bulletred: It Takes A Village… Huh. Can't believe I haven't sold you this one yet. I avoided it for ages because I thought "Spike story? That'll be boring." But eventually I caved to it's regular updates and 5-stariness on EqD and I'm very glad I did. Yet another heart-warming tale, this focuses on Spike as a teenager who's outgrown the library and the problems he has trying to fit into society (no pun intended). Definitely worth the read.
:bulletred: Allegrezza… Sheesh, I haven't put so many good fics out yet. I took this story up on a whim cos it had an interesting sounding name, but it quickly became one of my favourite stories of all time. Probably the quintessential Octascratch story, and if you haven't read it yet, you should do so now.
:bulletyellow: Friendship is Magic Look! It's pretty! And made by MylaFox !
:bulletyellow: Partly Cloudy I like this. It's simple but Karzahnii made it look good.
:bulletyellow: Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy: Creepy Faces Anyone else think those faces were a little creepy even before Ookami-95 got at them?
:bulletyellow: Snoozy Soarin This reminds me of something I made, although obviously this one's better thanks to the skills of Ende26 Also, a pretty appropriate closing image, given how tired I am.

Oh yeah, and today's episode was great too. Very funny, and I loved all the little references, even if I knew exactly who the culprits would be from the start. The ending was a gem too. I'd write more but seriously ylhf fgfftirired im ttoiireddd sleep now maybe hopefully probably not ok I'll probably be up til 2 again :/
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I'm gonna start this entry off on a serious note, sorry about that.

Recently, I've been feeling crap/bad/horrible/miserable/shit/depressed, whatever you want to call it. Not good, basically. There were a whole bunch of factors involved, which piled up and broke me a little.
Now, normally, it takes quite a lot to get me down these days, due in large part to the fact that about two years ago (when I really was depressed for a lot more legitimate reasons), I decided that I was fed up with being down all the time. I made a conscious decision and swore to myself to start looking at the positive side of life, and not to let all the bad crap weigh me down so much. This "positivity pledge" has really done wonders for me, but occasionally, there are a few cracks, which is what happened this week.
A small fact: I keep a list of song lyrics that I think of but haven't used in anything, so that when I'm writing I have a bank of things that can help to occasionally inspire me. My OC's name, and my username on a few pony sites, Silver Cloud, came from one such a phrase. The line was "Every silver cloud has a grey brother". A bit unhappy, but there you go. Fortunately, I'm usually able to get over whatever my issue is within a few days, and I'm fine now.
The reason I'm mentioning this at all is partially because it's ironic as I spend a lot of time trying to help others see the positive side of their lives and generally promoting a happy outlook. It's also partially because I wanted to offer a piece of advice that you've most likely heard a bajillion times: never underestimate the power of talking to someone about your issues. I mentioned just one of the smallest of my concerns to someone yesterday and woke today to find a veritable essay of positive, encouraging words waiting for me. It wasn't a miracle "everything is solved" kind of moment, but it really helped, so I want to thank that person for taking the time to reassure a silly Irishman.

Okay, I think that's enough of that. TL;DR - I was sad, and now I'm not.

On with the insanity!

I have good news (for me)! I'm done my exams!
Well, kind of. I'm finished my mocks, the real things are in June - but yeah, woo! I have a little more free time for a couple weeks :w00t!:
I'll still need to keep studying unfortunately, but I will be getting on with lots of the other things that I've been putting off for a while, including that ever-growing artlist...

Speaking of which, I have done more or less nothing with it since last week - sorry guys :p Free time and motivation rarely seem to come along at the same time these days.
I have, however, been doing quite a bit of thinking about what I'm going to do and the likes, and as a result... well, okay, I don't really have any results to show, except that I wrote another new song and it's instrumental. And very heavily influenced by Kaki King. I intend to record it and at least one other song this week, maybe two if my voice behaves.
I also got the chance to experiment a little with some electronic music the other day, something I've been wanting to do for a while. Fear not - I won't be releasing that kind of thing anytime soon, but I have some experience with that kind of thing, and I'm eager to play with it some more. Expect some robot noises over the summer ;)

On the topic of music, I recently had the idea of building myself some playlists beyond "Recently Added", "Pony" and "Wub" (which I call, respectively, "Fresh Dust", "Allegrezza" and "Everfree" if you were interested). So anyway, I'd like to make some more mood-based groupings, so what I'm asking you is to suggest me some songs that would fit a particularly emotion. Whether it's happy, sad, angry, ambient or whatever, I don't mind, just as long as it can be attributed to a certain kind of feeling. Oh, and also, don't be afraid of posting something because you think I might not like the style. I listen to literally every genre of music, from country through rap, jazz, house, classic rock, classical, melodic death metal, all the way to choral and everything else in between. So gimme musics!

In other news, guess who felt vain enough to google their own username recently? That's right, Rainbow Dash me.
And to my complete surprise, I found most of the contents of my gallery all over the place.
I have a watcher who has posted pretty much everything I've done on Ponibooru (a site I've never used), and I've also found some of my more popular pictures on tumblr, blogs and a strange clipboard site I'd never heard of.
I don't know if the users responsible will read this journal, but if you just have you have my gratitude! Thanks for spreading my stuff about, even if I had no idea you were doing it. :D

In a similar vein, I'm getting the impression that EqD may have blocked my main email since they haven't responded to any of the last six or so pictures I sent them. I'm not certain as to why, since as far as I can tell, the worst thing I sent them was a reply saying "Thanks!". Oh well. It's a bit annoying, but I'm not too worried. Besides, I don't actually know if that's true, and even if it is, I probably sent something to deserve it, even if I can't for the life of me think what.

On a slightly related note, I had a sudden desire to be watched by someone I watch myself the other day - like, a reasonably well known artist. Veggie55 or something :p I realise this is unrealistic, narcissistic, and rather insulting to the rest of my watchers. Sorry - you know I love you guys too. It'd just be nicer if you occasionally left me some feedback or responded to things I brought up in these journals. I don't make 'em just for the sake of it. But hey, this is the internet -haters gonna hate, and casual users gonna be casual.

In an attempt to stir up some sort of meaningful meaningless conversation, I'm implementing a new section in these already far, far too long journals - discussion time. Basically, I bring up a topic and you can talk about it or not as you want. I'll mostly try to introduce ideas that are actually relevant/discussable, but just for now, have this question:
what's your favourite type of sweets/candy? Do you prefer chocolate or fruity things, mints or liquorice, jellies or marshmallows? What does your sweet tooth crave the most? Post below if ya feel like talking sugar!

Staying with the theme of getting more involved with you lot, I'm thinking about taking requests (or commisions if people feel like paying) at some point in the future. It probably won't be til after my exams are over, but what would you guys think of that? I don't really mind what I'm being asked to draw as long as it's within my ability.
Yes, I realise I haven't exactly got the best track record in terms of getting things done, but I blame all the IRL stuff I have to do. Once we hit July, I'm finished school forever, so I'll be a lot more efficient then :D

Also, would any of you guys be interested in doing a collab at some point? Writing, art or music, I don't mind, I just thought I'd throw it out there. I know I'm not exactly a huge name, but I have a respectable little following here that I'm happy with, and besides - you gotta start somewhere, right? :)

Oh, and for anyone who's interested, I'm currently on chapter 27 of Fallout: Equestria, 808 pages down and not even halfway through yet. I can safely say I'm thoroughly enjoying it. Okay, it's not perfect, and could do with a grammar edit, but aside from that it seems to be a very strong and well-planned plot (which I presume is mostly based off the games). There are some pretty sad bits in it, and I can admit that I came very close to a few manly tears at one or two points in particular already.
One thing that is bugging me is that I have more or less no idea what Littlepip actually looks like. I mean, okay, it would be odd for the narrator to describe herself, but you'd think that by now I'd at least know what colour her coat or mane is. I actually went back and reread the first two chapters to see if I'd missed it, but nope, nothing there. I've seen a few pictures, so I assume there either must have been a description that I did miss, or there's one further on, or else every artist just agreed on one colour scheme or something. But anyway.

Not including my artlist this time since it's practically the same as last week, with addition of one more song, and one picture.

Moving swiftly onward to the recommendations...
FIMFiction's reorganisation of Favourites/Tracking has made this a little annoying, but anyhoo
:bulletred: Forever Faithful… Creeeeeepy! Okay, it's not really that bad. In fact it's pretty mild, but a nice quick read for fans of the horror genre. Again, to reiterate, not exactly horrifying.
:bulletred: Brotherhood of the Moon… Blast from the past, this one - I've been reading it since forever ago. A pretty decent Assassin's Creed crossover, although it'd be nice if it updated a bit more often.
:bulletred: Past Sins… Apparently I haven't featured this yet. One of my favourite fanfictions of all time - it's long but excellent. You've quite possibly already read it, given it's fame. It's one of those stories that a lot of bronies love to hate, but personally I think it's excellent. There have only been a few stories I'd put on its level for entertainment. There are better written works out there, but this one's worth the read too in my opinion.
:bulletred: Once Bitten, Twice Shy… It's shipping, but possibly the funniest shipping I've read in ages. Seriously, it's not clop, but it's just ridiculous and I found myself laughing most of the way through it. That may have had something to do with sleep deprivation, given that I read it at about 4 in the morning last September, but still - it's good.
:bulletyellow: Fallout Equestria Commission Hmm. I haven't featured johnjoseco yet, but then again, if you don't know him and you're a brony on dA, you really have been living under a rock. I felt like I had to use this one, given my current timestealer.
:bulletyellow: I Love My Dashie Hoh my gawd yes! WhiteDiamondsLtd finally finally finally got a dA page, so now I can +fav all of her stuff. This picture is one of my favourite pieces ever. If you haven't already, go check her out immediately - she has buckets of awesome pictures, and this is just my personal favourite. I'd feature all her stuff if I could.
:bulletyellow: Moon Joy I love this picture. So much. Go give Dembai some appreciation for this piece of half-vectored awesome.
:bulletyellow: Stratosphaerie Flare Spotted this in the last Drawfriend, thought it was beautifully poignant in a way. This is just how the world looks sometimes. Some of the detail friendshipocalypse puts in is incredible too.

And that has very slowly led us to this week's episode.

Well, it was good - they all are. It didn't quite have the same level of awesome as some of the last few, but then again, they've been pretty hard to beat. I'll just say this though: Diamond Tiara's a bitch :p
The gossip-y stuff was a little predictable, but funny nonetheless, and some of the articles were pretty good. I'd say there are quite a few bronies who'd like to read that Trixie issue of the Foal Free Press ;)

So, long journal was long. Just goes to show what happens when I plan it out in advance for once...
Doing this thing as a one-off - if you want in then jump aboard :)

:bulletgreen: For each of the 10 first people answering this journal, I will put their avatar and the three deviations I like most from their gallery on the list. Assuming 10 people answer it of course.

:bulletgreen: If you answer, you have to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger on the first place.

So yeah, I got featured. Now I'm featuring back :)

1. :icondembai:
Moon Joy by Dembai Pokemon Challenge Day 19: Legendary Dog - Suicune by Dembai Star Swirl the Bearded by Dembai

2. :iconarbiter1983:
Vinyl Scratch - Post Trace and Base Color by arbiter1983 New York - New Jersey Adventures by arbiter1983 Arbitiairium - MY OC Avatar by arbiter1983

3. :iconcodenamehavoc:
Midnight Whisper drawn (outline) by COdenamehavoc instinct by COdenamehavoc Pretty Orphan by COdenamehavoc







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Oh man, that was a great episode... I'll get to it at the end, because first, I must tell you: I did a bad thing this week... I started reading Fallout Equestria. :pills:

Time for other stories (and study) has gone dooooooowwwwnnnn. But yeah, it's not bad. I've read the first eight chapters so far, and while I wouldn't say it's the literary masterpiece that some make it out to be, the story's entertaining and I'm liking the references I've seen so far. As one of those rare folk who doesn't own a games console, or very many PC games, I haven't ever actually played the Fallout games, but I get the premise, more or less, and I have plenty of people I can ask if I need to =P

In other news, exams exams exams. I've got three left before a two-week break from class which I am very much looking forward to. Come at me Accounting, Tech Drawing and Music! YYEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

In other other news, the meetup last week was good craic, even if someone did attack us with mayonnaise...
WE FOUND BLINDBAGS! Eeyup, Ireland now officially has (kind of) caught up with all you other real countries. Okay, it's only first wave stuff, but still! I got Cheery Berry and Big Mac, neither of whom I was particularly enthused with but then my good man Xaphriel informed me of individual blindbag-style ponies for sale in another shop, so I managed to get me a Pinkie Pie :D I was so happy...

Last entry I asked whether you'd prefer to see more of my writing, music or art. I got an overwhelming response, with two votes for music, and one for writing. Just so you know, I'm taking this to the heart as meaning you all hate my art :tears:
But anyway, I have listened, and while I will still continue to art (cos I like it screw you =P ), you will be happy to know that I have a new story started over on fimfiction here…
Go read it if you'd like - there's not much happening yet, but the next chapter is in production, to be released hopefully this week.
Also, musically, I've literally been playing so much that my fingers are on the verge of bleeding. Haven't broken the skin yet, but ima keep trying! I've also worn half a plectrum away over the last three days. Here's proof.
Cheap picks :[ by davrockist
The results? Four new songs coming your way over the next while. One is complete and I aim to record tomorrow or Monday, two are begun but will be a little while off yet, and the fourth is an acoustic cover of Heartstrings by H8_Seed, which is so simple yet so bloody tricky at the same time. I'll try and record that soon too.
Note that all four of these songs are gonna be preeetty different to what I've done before. Like, pretend-someone-else-did-them different. But still, they're fun (if sore) to play, so I like 'em, even if you guys don't :)

Artlist time! Although, I suppose it's more of a medialist at the moment...
Also, colour-coding! There's more than two colours now (shocking, I know), so here's what they mean:
:bulletpink: = started, but not finished yet
:bulletorange: = planned, but not begun
:bulletgreen: = I'll definitely do it, but no plan yet
:bulletblue: = the idea's there, but it's a maybe for now

:bulletpink: Vinyl Scratch short comic
:bulletpink: Short song for Applejack
:bulletpink: Acoustic cover of Heartstrings…
:bulletpink: Next chapter of 'Something'
:bulletorange: Art trade with BlooRoo (bleh, I keep putting that off :/ )
:bulletgreen: Fanart for Long Distance
:bulletgreen: Octascratch story
:bulletgreen: Two other songs
:bulletblue: I kinda want to develop my OC Silver Cloud's personality some more. I thought about doing a tumblr dedicated to her but that site confuses the buck out of me. Any suggestions there? Or perhaps you can enlighten me a little as to tumblr's oddness.

Moving on, time for some recommendations. Didn't get any requests last time, so have some of my choosing.
:bulletred: Wake… This is wonderfully silly, in an "it feels explicit but isn't" kind of way. Lyra wakes up to find Bon Bon enjoying the taste of her horn.
:bulletred: Two's Company, Three's a Crowd… *Gasps* I haven't featured this yet? It's a mammoth of an Octascratch story, and I'd recommend reading Allegrezza by CoffeeGrunt first, but it's one of my favourites. This guy's characterisations are amazing. (Also, parents!)
:bulletred: Fleurdeliser… I think this was the first thing I ever read on fimfiction :) It's a nice simple story based on the characters from Sweet and Elite.
:bulletred: Silent Ponyville Speaking of first things I read, how about the very first fanfic I ever read? Also the reason I got a dA account in the first place. It's on fimfic too, but I've linked the dA version for nostalgia reasons =P Anyway, this is another monster of a story, but well worth the read. Yes, it's a bit dark, but it's awesome! There are also two sequels and two in-between stories which I'd also recommend you read.
:bulletyellow: Lyra Skills II HOLY LUNA THIS NEEDS TO BE MADE NAO. Discommunicator is a phenomonal artist who I only found just recently. Go look at his sketches!
:bulletyellow: A Slice of Life: Octavia 2 This is kinda old and hasn't been updated since part 4, but all my d'aww go to Dreatos for this.
:bulletyellow: Wait, What? I think the title sums it up nicely. Photonicsoup could possibly also have called it 'Dashplosion".
:bulletyellow: Pinkie Slicin' Cake :XD: I can't remember if I've featured Mickeymonster before, but he definitely deserves it. His art's incredible :D

Hurricane Fluttershy eh? Hmm, well, we had a Fluttershy episode recently and it was pretty oka-HOH MY GAWD THIS IS AMAZING!!

I really thought it'd be hard to top A Friend Indeed, but hoo boy, this was just brilliant. Fluttertree at 50 seconds and I knew it'd be good. Also, dat YEEEAAAHHH pony was frickin hilarious :D Plus, emotional turmoil in every which way thanks to Fluttertears. We also had Rainbow Dash back to being awesome some more instead of arrogant like she was at the beginning of this season - all dat character development /)^3^(\
Anything else? Oh yeah... SPITFIRE! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! :w00t!: She didn't do much, but she looked cool :D And Dash was totally chilling beside her at the end, so there go a bunch of fanfics probably =P
And :iconkermityayplz: for Fluttershy's letter - I thought it was a pretty good one :)

As a final note, I have Skittles, and they are delicious.

Thank you.
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Alright, to start us off this entry, I've got a question for any of ye who read these things. If I could make a poll I would, but this'll have to do for now.

By this point I've posted art, music and writing online, and I'm more or less happy with most of what I've put out. My question is: what should I focus on for the next while?
As you might know, I have exams n stuff going on, so while I try to maintain activity on the web, it's quite tricky to balance everything. So I want you guys to tell me what should be my primary output til I can get my other work done.

:bulletblack: Do drawings Dave!
:bulletblack: Sing songs Silver!
:bulletblack: Write words Woods!
:bulletblack: All three ya lazy arse!
:bulletblack: Go away and stop posting!

So, if you'd like to have some semblance of control over my life, then you have the option to pick one of those options, and optionally tell me why you chose that option.
If you haven't heard my music, go here:…
If you haven't seen my writing, go here:…
If you haven't seen my art, then I'm very confused as to why you're reading this journal.

In other news, my exams have gotten off to a horrible start. I won't say much more than that since I've been moaning about them for the last while. I also spent seven hours on a bus going to and from the other side of the country to sing at someone I didn't know's funeral.


In other other news, I'm off to another meetup tomorrow. Should be a bit of craic, with plenty of people still hanging around in Dublin after Paddy's Day. Hope to see maybe one or two of you Irish bronies there :D

Relatedly, Happy St. Patrick's Day! The day when more people pretend to be Irish than any other day of the year. Now, don't get me wrong - I love you American guys and gals. But must you all insist on being at least partially related to me when I meet you? It's like the standard ice-breaker in every conversation I've had with someone from the States.
My Paddy's day unfortunately did not involve getting off my tits drunk, mostly due to being busy making pictures, and in general not being arsed to go out when there's booze in the house. And by that I mean I had nothing to drink all day...
Pub tomorrow though! :)

If any of you remember my last comic , you may or may not recall me including an OC barcolt in it. I promised I would make a drawing for anypony who guessed his name by Paddy's day, but no one did so I can now reveal that his name is, in fact... Tap Dancer.
Yeah. I know. :p

Update on my artlist, which is subject to change:

:bulletgreen: Art trade with BlooRoo
:bulletgreen: Fanart for Long Distance (my idea has changed, but I will now defintely be doing something)
:bulletblue: Vinyl Scratch short comic
:bulletblue: Some writing of some sort

There were/are other things, but I can't remember them right now, or else they're not looking too likely to happen in the immediate future.

Ah, now we come to the newest section: recommendations!

:bulletred: Reading Rainbow… This is a cute and funny little story in which Rainbow reads a story to a blinded Twilight. It's a bit of fun and a nice read.
:bulletred: How I Met Your Lover… Sex. Sex everywhere. But seriously, this is a great story if you're into that kind of thing. Go read it. Nao (It's Lyrabontaviascratch).
:bulletred: The Games We Play… Seriously awesome story - even if you don't like Mysterious Mare Do Well, there's enough else going on that it's just too cool not to read. Oh, and don't read the comments til you're done if you don't like spoilers =p
:bulletred: The Glass Blower… Simply stunning. It has one of those "best short stories I've ever read" feels to it, for me. It's hard to describe it justly, so just go read it now!
:bulletyellow: I already featured GlancoJusticar but he just finished this three page comic that made me lol quite a bit, so have it!
:bulletyellow: Dazed-and-Wandering not only has my initials in his username, but has also created this cute/funny/creepy series of pictures involving Trixie creeping Twi all over the place
:bulletyellow: Not much to say about this other than it's bloody adorable. Go drop KatiraMoon a fav.
:bulletyellow: I've never seen any other active plz accounts, but twilite-sparkleplz has managed to not only do that, but do it with a cool art style. Go look.

So that's this week's stuff - including some shipping like I mentioned last week :D
Don't forget, if you want me to feature yours or someone else's work, let me know and I'll give it a look :)

Before I move onto dragons and questing and that kind of thing, I thought I'd just mention that my story got an EqD feature :D… Currently sitting at a solid 4 stars on there :)

Now, new episode time!

Wow, that was a funny one.
I don't think I've mentioned it before, but I love references, and many of the last few episodes have referenced previous ones, and I'm finding it totally awesome :D
Fluttershy at the beginning was brilliant, and there were a few moments throughout that just had me straight up laughing at my monitor.
If I was to pick any holes, it would be that Spike seems to have gotten away with egg-theft at the end. True, he apparently now has a pet, but what about those poor phoenix parents? Maybe that's just me...
Anyway, fantastic stuff, and I'm surprised I haven't seen any fanart of Crackle the dragon yet :lmao:

Hope I haven't forgotten anything important...

Best gif?

Darn that Tara Strong for getting silly tunes stuck in my head!
I'm the T to the W-I, L-I-G-H-T, and ain't no other pony troll it down like me, I'm Twilight-licious...
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It's that time again - new journal time!

So, after my last entry expressing severe confusion about the Llamas here on dA, some of you deviants decided it would be clever to give me more of them. Thanks to you, the little icon in the top right corner of my page now has a minuscule cape that wooshes about like it was windy. I'm not sure if it has any superpowers other than the ability to perform a fart of indefinite length, so we'll have to wait and see if anything changes in that area.

In other news, I had a music practical exam yesterday that went preeeeetty horribly. I completely butchered the first song, and I had to do the tech part on a Mac. That doesn't sound so bad, except for the fact that last Thursday was literally the first time I'd used a Mac in my life... So yeah, I'll just have to do a lot better in the theory part. *sigh*
Speaking of which, my written exams start on Tuesday with Physics (which I should be studying for at the moment), and they go on for about three weeks, finishing with Technical Drawing on something like the 29th. Luckily, after that I get two weeks off class, before I start focusing on preparing for the real exams.
In case you didn't know, the ones I'm doing now are just the mocks. The ones in June will determine whether I get the college course I want or not.

Next item of interest, I've got a lot of sketching to do at the moment. My artlist hasn't really changed from the last journal, except I have a bit more of an idea about what order to do things in. Sooo, hopefully (I seem to say that word a lot) I can get to do some stuff soon, but exams do kinda tend to intrude on personal time a little. If I've promised any of you a sketch or an art of some sort - sit tight, cos I will get it done eventually.

Oh yeah, I finally wrote some fanfiction:…
This is the "secret project" that you may or may not have seen mentioned in some of my previous journals, and yes, this is very anticlimactical. Give it a look, perhaps even read it, and tell me how much you hated it. It's short and silly and will probably make your head hurt from lack of sense. The image for it is an example of what my drawing is like when I try to use a mouse without vectors... I want a tablet :/

New section time: I'm gonna use this space to put out some recommendations for my masses of watchers to see. If you have anything you want me to put here, let me know through notes or comments, and if I like it I'll shtick it here in my next journal. For now, have some of my own picks

:bulletred: Long Distance… I mentioned this last time but didn't link it. It features mostly OCs, but don't let that put you off of what it is a vast and great story which is still unfolding, with a really original take on some big things. Plus I really like his pegasus character.
:bulletred: Wild Sky Yonder… It's no secret that I love Spitfire, and this is a pretty original take on her background story. It's not finished yet, but what's there so far is pretty enjoyable.
:bulletred: Equestria's Twilight… This is the only "post-apocalyptic" style story I've read at the moment, and it's not even that really. The princesses are gone and Twilight struggles to maintain Equestria in their place. It's really really good and incredibly detailed and well-written. The author (as evidenced by his frequent notes) appears to be a pretty brainy brony, and he's putting it to good use here.
:bulletred: Banished… Plugging my mate here because I can. This is a rewrite of his earlier attempt due to an overwhelmingly negative response to how he ended it originally. There's not huge amounts at the moment, but leave him a track and see what you think for yourself as the story grows.
:bulletyellow: Hooves Suck Veggie55 is a pretty popular Irish brony artist, and his ability to put out comics so quickly quite frankly amazes me. If you aren't already watching him, I'd suggest doing so now.
:bulletyellow: Angelshy and Devilshy Another pretty popular artist, GlancoJusticar has a very cool way of drawing ponies which I really like. These characters are based off last week's Fluttershy episode, and for some reason I just love them.
:bulletyellow: The Price of a Broken Heart Jabbie64 may be the author I edit for, but he has an amazing art style too. Not sure how he manages to balance his life out with all the content he makes.
:bulletyellow: NightmareNight Don't view this one if you're not a fan of horror-style pictures. Drawn by BlooRoo, it really stand out as an excellent piece of art to me. The falling feathers in particular I think look really cool.

Give me a shout if you want me to plug your stuff, otherwise I'll just keep putting in things from my favs. Next time I'll include some complete fanfics. And shipping ones since I didn't include any here.

What else, what else...
New episode? What did you guys think of it? I quite enjoyed it, a lot more than I thought I was going to. Time travel is always a dangerous topic to explore in my opinion (oh, the irony), but they managed to pull it off alright, without invoking too many paradoxes.
It was a pretty damn funny episode if you ask me, even if it was a little predictable. Pinkie Pie's antics, for example, were predictably hilarious. :meow: Plus, moar catsuits! I didn't expect to see them again, but they suited Pinkie at least.
One thing I didn't like was that Twilight and Rainbow Dash's voices sounded a little off throughout. That bothered me a little. Other than that, good episode.

Almost forgot - a good friend of mine went into a huge surgery on Friday night. The odds weren't good that he'd survive considering it was only the 8th time the operation had ever been performed, but I'm delighted to say he pulled through and is now on the mend from what I understand.

And with that, I can't remember anything else relevant I had to say, so I'll end this here. TTFN.
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It's weird. I've received three llama badges over the last couple of days, when normally they're a pretty odd thing for me to get - I have like 8 now. Is there some sort of llama giving bonus right now on dA that I'm unaware of? Anyway, it's not that I'm unappreciative, I just don't get why I'm getting them suddenly.

In other news, my choir placed third last Friday, and I got complemented for being the soloist, so that was nice. And on the Saturday, the "chamber orchestra" I was in also came third.
Apart from that, I had language oral mock exams for the last couple of days, so I'm glad to get them out of the way. Now I just have... *counts on fingers* 9 written papers coming up to do :O And these aren't even the real thing... :iconsighingplz:

Over on fimfiction, my brony from another... mony? That doesn't work... Regardless Jabbie64 just hit his 1,000th comment on What Happens in Ponyville (given by moi, obviously), so 'grats to him. If you've seen me mention him before but haven't checked him out due to the content rating, then I have two things to say to you: 1) You're missing out, and 2) drop him a watch anyway. He's working on something big which is going to be relatively clean, and I'm not just saying it when I say that it looks to be pretty damn good. I get the pleasure of prereading it before it comes out, so I would know. So yeah, watch him either here on or preferably here… on fimfic (or both). It shouldn't be long before it's released, and you'll probably enjoy it if you like fanfic.
Speaking of which, I now owe him the 1 (one) piece of fanarrrt I promised him for reaching a thousand comments. To be honest I didn't expect him to get there so fast, but he has, so ho hum, more arty fun for me. He's asked for a specific chapter, so that's now on the artlist.

Also on said artlist are:
:bulletgreen: Art trade with suburbancolours
:bulletgreen: Vinyl Scratch short comic
:bulletblue: Possibly a cover image for My Little Clony, a fanfic written by somepony I know
:bulletblue: In my head I've promised a fanart for Long Distance, another fic by a cool brony
:bulletgreen: WHiP art, as mentioned
:bulletgreen: A cover for whenever Facebook forces us all to use Timeline
:bulletblue: Something involving Derpy popped into my head today, so I might remember that

Aside from those, if you've read some of my other journals, you might have noticed I'm working on a secret project, something IJAB is not happy about. Well, I have good news and bad news regarding that. The bad news is that it's going to be horribly anticlimactic. And silly. Sorry.
The good news is that it is very very nearly done, and I can hopefully finish it by the end of the week.

I've also had a couple of other ideas floating around my head for music and other things, so I'll keep you posted on what's coming up.

Back to business - two other things to finish up.

I mentioned last time that I'd made an entry for the Bronies of Ireland art comp, but I forgot to link it, so here it is You might have seen it already, but I'm happy with it so it gets rementioned cos a) I'm egocentric, and b) I can.

Last thing, probably, is last Saturday's episode. I, for one, found it pretty funny, although not quite as amazing as the last few. Still great though, and with tons of little things in it, like the Looney Toons references with the haggling (also, Pinkie defying gravity - we were waiting for it to happen and it did! Brilliance). Also, something I didn't notice til EqD's roundup post: in the market, Bon Bon is seen wearing saddlebags, but if you look closely, you can see Lyra's cutie mark on the clip, and later she sits with her too. I thought this was a beautiful nod to the fandom, much in the same way as Derpy's regular appearances (she was there too of course, with a muffin saddlebag clip).

Ok, seriously the end now, I've just noticed that my journals tend to follow the same format each time - is that a good thing or a bad thing, or does it even make a difference?

Oh yeah, also, I managed to achieve a personal record of a minimum of 5 pageviews on everyday of the stats thing on my profile, so I'm pretty happy about that.

Still not finished? Nope, Chuck Testa.
I just want to say thank you all for watching, faving, commenting and viewing my stuff. It really does mean a lot, especially since 6 months ago I had never even considered making art, let alone tried it. I still don't really think of myself as a particularly good artist as such, which is why I find it so cool that I've managed to garner what little attention I have. And yes, I am a complete and utter attention whore - it comes from a history of being ignored, so that's my excuse.


Need something positive to end on.



*runs back to studying reading fanfiction*

But seriously, thanks for the llamas. Whatever they're meant for.
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I MISSED MY 1,000TH PAGEVIEW!! :iconangryplz: :iconimadplz: :iconsomadplz: :iconlividplz:


I so mad.

In other news, I got my 1,001st pageview today! :w00t!:

I also finished my comic for the Bronies of Ireland art comp, which means I can get working on some other arts, such as my art trade and my various planned fanarts for various bronies.

In other other news, I uploaded a couple new songs that I wrote, have a listen if you'd like……

Apologies for my voice et al.

In other other other news, offline, I'm in a couple other competitions this weekend including as part of a choir, leading a choir, and playing bass in a "chamber orchestra" (which has electric guitars).

There's also new music being worked on of a different kind to what I've done so far. I've begun talking to somepony about a collab idea, so we'll see if I can bust my ass to write that.
And also also, my secret project... ;) IJAB wants to know what it is, but he'll have to wait like everypony else :D
Soon, though, I promise!

Anything else...? Nope, can't think. Brain is being flat. Oh! New pony ep on Saturday! :D
And I have exams starting next week... :(

Happy Muffins everypony! Love you all :meow:
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OK, I haven't updated this for a week or so, and plenty of stuffs have happened, so time for a new one :)

Firstly, I went to a meetup last week for the first time, and I have to say it was pretty awesome. Went shopping (bought my first pony merch), got some food, wandered and chatted, and finished the day in a pub watching the episode in high def with a room full of bronies. I didn't know anyone at all there, so it was a little awkward to start, but I made a couple of friends fairly quickly, and in general it was just a great day, capped off by an amazing episode.

I know it's old news now, but seriously: that episode was just amazing. The Smile song is still stuck in my head after a week, and I ain't even mad. It was just so good! :D

Now, back to current affairs. So, there's been a bit of a to-do about Derpy Hooves, as I'm sure you're aware. If you weren't, basically Hasbro have underped her in The Last Roundup: different voice, not cross-eyed, and Rainbow Dash doesn't name her anymore. Now, personally, I didn't care much one way or the other for the original voice, but I don't like the new one any better. It's just too bland and doesn't seem to fit the klutzy personality at all. Giving her straight eyes and removing her name... all I can say is I'm disappointed. There have been plenty of angry bronies going on about how it's discriminatory to effectively censor her, as it's saying that they don't want that kind of pony in Ponyville, and while I agree with that statement, I'm not gonna blow up about it, and I'm not gonna send hatemail or start shouting about the injustice of it all. I'm aware there are places to make your voice heard peacefully too, but I'm not gonna get involved with that either. Not because I don't care, because I do, but rather because in my own personal opinion, Hasbro should never have put her there in the first place. Yes, it was awesome to see a fan-created character be acknowledged in the actual show, but think about it: since she was created by the fanbase, she was never given a definite character, and so every brony had their own ideas about what she was like. Some favoured the ditsy and clumsy version, while others supported a super-genius ideal of her. By putting the character in, Hasbro were immediately going to be shutting down many, many fanon visions of her, and there was always going to be a backlash on that, because that's the nature of the internet. All that said though, I am sad she was removed, and she will always be Derpy to me.
You guys can angrily or peacefully protest as you like, but I'd ask that you just bear this in mind too: without Hasbro we wouldn't have the show. Without them, we wouldn't have had the awesome episode we had last week. Without them we wouldn't have our massive community that we all love so much. Without them we would never have had Derpy in the first place.

One of the animators working on the team has said that she will continue to have her regular cross-eyed cameo appearances in new episodes, so I'm not going to worry about her too much. Derpy is who we make her.

After that big long rant, have a status report to wind down :)
Upcoming art:
'A Pretty Average Day' [Working Title]: piece for the Bronies of Ireland art competition. It's about halfway done, although the second half is gonna take a lot longer than the first cos I need to do a background and they're just... blegh.
Art trade with :iconblooroo: confirmed! :) So that'll happen at some point when I'm not studying/feeling lazy.

Upcoming music:
'Cyocéane': an instrumental track which I wrote as a dedication to the sky and pegasi in general. I'm also going to be performing it for my Music practical in my Leaving Cert (final exam   of school life for all you non-Irish out there)
'Deflated': completed vocal/guitar song inspired again by :iconjabbie64: 's fanfiction, this time told from Pinkie's perspective in view of her short-lived relationship with Rainbow Dash.

Upcoming writing:
'Smile': a short story I wrote recently for an exam. Not a fanfic, but has a few references to ponies in it. I'll type it up when I get my paper back, probably next week or the week after.
Something else... You'll have to wait and see. ;)

And that's it for this journal. Happy Saturday night, or whatever it is where you are.
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I wrote a song...…

Check it out if you like, it's inspired by one of the fanfics I preread for.

Apart from that, art. Eeeyup, and plenty of it. I've already put a couple of new things up in the last week, and I hope to get something more done before Monday.
Plans include:
Return art for :iconlukjad: , since he was so kind to draw me a Pinkie
Something for an Irish Brony art competition (I'm going to a meetup on Saturday - excited :meow: )
Possible art trade or collab coming up? Not certain what's happening there.
Comics! I promised them but did not deliver. I must rectify that soon.

Also, anypony who read the description for Scratch Attacks will know I'm currently in "Challenge Accepted" mode for a 30 minutes a day creativity booster thingy. The idea is that for half an hour every day, you do something creative, then post the results online. It's a fun way to get your inventing juices going and stuff.

Anyway, I just spilled a glass of water over all my stuff, so I should go clean that before something explodes :)
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Welp, no one responded to my last journal, but eh. Have another.

Planned artsy stuff for the next while:
1) Conceptual Discord thingummy which may end up looking very stupid.
2) Something Valentine's-y
3) Design for a school graduation T-shirt (might not go up here)
4) Probably some random non-pony art if I get some time
5) Fan art for a few fictions I'm enjoying
6) Fanfiction of my own, (Working Title 'I Love The Sky') which I've written about 1500 words of. It'll probably be around 8000 total. Maybe.
7) I have quite a few comic ideas (of varying lengths) which hopefully I'll find some time to do.

Apart from all that, life is busy busy busy. Exams, competitions, college applications, interviews, prereading and ponies. Ponies bucking everywhere.

It's pretty awesome.

Also, huge brohoof to whoever posted my last comic on reddit - 7000 views over two days?! That's mad.

Anyhoo, shoobedoo, I think I might do this journal thing every so often - I'll post about plans and fanfics I'm reading and stuff. Even if nobody reads it...